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Happy Birthday From Presidents – Happy Birthday eCard Video

FHappy Birthday From Presidents eCard Video
Happy Birthday From Presidents eCard Video

Happy Birthday From Presidents Video

This is a funny Happy Birthday video with a mutual speaking session in the Hall of Presidents… Bill Clinton: “You know baby, people may say you are getting up in the years, but I have to tell you, you are still one fine looking mama”. Richard Nixon: “I think what Bill here trying to say is that you are a shining gem and don’t look a day over 30”. Bill Clinton: “That’s right! Like I said, still one fine mama”. Nixon: “Not a day over 30”. Clinton: “A mama!”. John Kennedy: “Aye, I don’t care how she looks. I’d bang her”. George Washington: “Fellas! I think she gets the point. Tell her Happy Birthday and leave her alone!”. Clinton, Nixon, and Kennedy: “Happy Birthday!”. Kennedy: “Wanna bang?”.
You can send this video to a friend who enjoys funny things. This short (30 seconds) video was made using JibJab. The video will make it easier for you to send your birthday message to your loved ones on their birthday. You can simply send by sharing this video on their Facebook wall.
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