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Chipmunks Happy Birthday celebrating

Chipmunks and Chipettes Style Happy Birthday Song Video

– Happy birthday to you dear Chipmunks lover. Today is a very special day for you. Chipmunks and Chipettes Style funny Happy Birthday Song video. Happy Birthday! First of all, this cute birthday card mainly has a special video. Since it is containing Chipmunks and Chipettes, balloons, gold sparks and the Chipmunks and Chipettes Style Happy Birthday song. Also, the length of the video is less than 91 seconds. Consequently, this is a colorful life birthday video. Finally, I hope you like this funny video and the song.

About Chipmunks and Chipettes Style Happy Birthday Song

Alvin and the Chipmunks, originally David Seville and the Chipmunks or simply The Chipmunks, is an American animation cartoon music group that belongs to Ross Bagdasarian, for a novelty in 1958. ( In the cartoon series and the accompanying feature films, all three of the Chipettes were voiced by their creator, Janice Karman, the wife of Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. Karman also wrote and voiced the Chipettes’ dialogue on their studio albums, while studio singers such as Susan Boyd, Shelby Daniel, and Katherine Coon provided their singing voices. ( Wishing a colorful birthday like Chipmunks and Chipettes Happy Birthday video, to you… I hope that you and your friends will like this Chipmunks and Chipettes Style Happy Birthday Song card.

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