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Friday The 13th - Be Afraid Card for celebrating

Friday The 13th – Be Afraid

– Friday The 13th – Be Afraid. It is Friday The 13th and I haven’t any coffee yet. So, Be Very Afraid. “A Famous Horror Film: “Friday the 13th” is also the name of a commercially successful Hollywood movie series. An image of a hockey mask donned by the film’s character Jason is often associated with the film.
In many Spanish speaking countries, Friday 13th is a lucky day. In fact, the Spanish edition of “Friday the 13th” was renamed “Tuesday the 13th” (“Martes 13”), because this is believed to be the unluckiest day of the year. It is also a common belief that Friday 13 is a particularly lucky day for children to be born. It Is Also A Super Lucky Day: Some people have won millions of dollars in lotteries on Friday 13. According to, one British couple won $17 million after buying their lottery ticket on Friday 13. The same day, their mirror at home fell and broke, which according to superstition leads to 7 years of bad luck.” (

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